Cancellation of order

You may cancel your order only if the delivery process has not already began. For cancellations you should first contact us:

  • 2111174754/ 6947939259
  • info@2ndvintage.gr

Returns/Exchanges in Greece

You have the right to return all or some of the items of your order within five (5) business days upon receipt.
You may request the replacement of the item with another one or a refund.

In case of returns and exchanges, the customer is charged with the shipping fee (5€).

Lastly, the replacement of an item can also happen in our physical store:

Dimitrakopoulou 123 & Sikelias 2
P.C. 11741 Koukaki


Defective Product

In case of wrong or defective product, you will be fully refunded including the shipping fees, on condition that you place the receipt of the shipping fee inside the package that you will return. Returns and exchanges will only be accepted when the items haven’t been used or worn, and only in the condition that you received them.

Keep in mind that vintage clothing and accessories are unique and that everey item is one of a kind. In vast majority the clothing is decades old. We carefully hand-pick our clothes and accessories and we make sure they are in fine condition. We do not sell clothing with rips, holes and stains.



Return Policy

      1. 1. You make a request for the replacement or return(*), that will either be sent in email to: info@2ndvintage.gr, or in social media or by calling us at 2111174754/ 6947939259. For the refund we will need your IBAN, account number and the account’s holder’s name.
      2. 2. You deliver back the item you wish to return or exchange accompanied by the receipt of your order, with a courier service to the following address:
        Dimitrakopoulou 123 & Sikelias 2
        P.C. 11741 Koukaki
      3. 3. When we will receive the item and after we will make sure its condition is fine, the replacement item or the money refund will come your way.

The refund may take up to five (5) business days through Piraeus Bank. The business is not liable for the pricing policy that other banks follow and is not obliged to pay for remittances for banks other than Piraeus Bank.

WARNING: : Every product you wish to return must be in fine condition, in its original packaging if possible, with its tags attached, as well as the order and purchase receipt. The item must also not been used or worn.

*Sales items cannot be returned/exchanged.